Newfoundland Ponies
Newfoundland Ponies are recognized as a critically endangered species. At one time there were once over 12,000 Newfoundland Ponies. According to the Newfoundland Pony Society, there are now only approximately 250 ponies left in the world that can carry on the breed. To protect the Newfoundland Pony, they are now recognized by the Newfoundland Government as a Heritage Animal.

It is only through the dedication of a small number of breeders and pony protection groups that the Newfoundland Pony has not become extinct. At Poppy’s Haven we see ourselves as stewards dedicated to the preservation and protection of Newfoundland Ponies that are entrusted to our care.  We run a small breeding haven where we also rescue, foster, and adopt Newfoundland Ponies needing new forever homes.

In helping to educate the public and promote the Newfoundland Pony, we welcome visits with schools, retirement and long-term care homes and community events.
Newfoundland Ponies

Ponies for Sale

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