Do I need horse experience?

No prior knowledge of horses and/or horsemanship is required. We will help you to understand how horses communicate and how to communicate with them.

What if I’m afraid of horses?

We will coach you on safety around horses, communicating with horses, and we will be by your side closely monitoring in a supportive environment. We are mindful of your concerns and will modify sessions to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Some of our programs can even be designed so you can benefit from being on the other side of the fence from the horse. Learning how to recognize your fears, the cues and level of discomfort, and reflecting on those can be in itself a rewarding benefit of the program.

Can we ride?

All our programs and activities are on the ground. Your horse is by your side as your facilitator, partner, and team member. You work alongside the horse and connect, learning a new way of communication.

I already have horse experience – will I get anything out of this?

Definitely! We interact with horses quite differently than traditional farms and/or horse barns. While you may already understand how horses communicate, our programs look at horses through a different lens. The focus is on the interaction between you and horse, and the ensuing reflection. Each session is unique depending on your present moment emotions and mindset, and on the horse’s present moment state that day. Our horses give feedback through their responses to your subtle actions and feelings.

What are the group sizes?

Group size is dependant on the program. Reach out to us and we will determine what works best for you and/or your group.

What should I wear?

Our facility is outdoors, though we do have cover for rain. Dress for the weather in comfortable clothes that can get dusty and most importantly – wear sturdy footwear. Wear closed-toed hard soul shoes – no ballerina flats here! We want to ensure that your toes are well protected.

What special training or certification do you have?

Our facilitators are highly trained:

  • certified facilitator in Equine Assisted Learning by Cartier Farms EAL, the first nationally recognized research based Equine Assisted Learning Building Block (™) Certification Program, through Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre;
  • continuing education in Equine Assisted Wellness through Generation Farms;
  • natural horsemanship, horse psychology and herd behaviour via Parelli Natural Horsemanship
  • therapeutic riding instructor
  • PhD in Social Sciences (Family Business) with a focus on understanding the interactions of individuals and how they lead to successful organizations
  • research in how horses facilitate our learning and encourage us to increase our mental wellness, communication, problem solving and relationship skills

Continuing education and training are important to our professional development process.

What are the farm rules?

Our farm rules are:

  • Any person handling a horse must complete and sign a liability release (click to download).
  • Children cannot be on farm premises without adult supervision.
  • No smoking, no lighters, no matches on the farm.
  • No running, no screaming, no jumping around the horses.
  • We kindly request that your four-footed animal family members (dogs) be left at home.