Horses and Nature

In an uncertain and fast paced world, we are so often disconnected from nature. Both the natural world around us, and the true nature of our body and mind.

The chronic stress of daily life often doesn’t give us the time and space to unwind and be present.  We might find that we are constantly feeling ‘on’ (anxious, can’t relax), or ‘off’ (low energy, unmotivated). 

For many people, we are so used to being hurried, distracted, and stressed, that we don’t even register it. Chronic stress leads to a body that can’t regulate.  Our bodies need an opportunity to rest and re-set.

We share our response to stress with other mammals. When we understand this response, we can find ways to navigate our lives working with our bodies.

When we work with horses, we must be mindful and present to be effective. We learn to pay attention to the signs of stress in our body and use strategies to regulate. This allows the constant chatter in our minds to become quiet.

Horses help us to tune in to what our own body is telling us. They pick up on our energy and reflect it back without judgement. If we are on edge, the horse will know. If we are distracted and not present, the horse will also know.

Animals, and in particular, horses, can teach us how to connect to their natural healing properties.